2012 European Summit on Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data


 Perspectives On Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data

 Benefits of Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data
 Challenges Of Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data
 01 Welcome - Antoine Geissbuhler, President of the IMIA
 02 Welcome - Prof. John Mantas, President of EFMI
 03 Welcome and framing of meeting - Charles Safran
 04 Perspective from the EU - Georges De Moor, President of European Institute for Health Records
 05 Perspectives from the US - Don Detmer, Current Past President/CEO at AMIA
 06 Alex Lenarts, Belgium Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Health
 07 Why not doing anything is not an option - Iain Buchan, Director, University of Manchester
 08 New Business Models Presentation - Danielle Dupont, CSO? Data Mining International
 09 New Business Model Presentation - Mats Sundgren, Coordinator of the European IMI project EHR4CR
 10 New Business Model Presentation - Dipak Kalra, University College of London/University Hospital
 11 New Business Model presentation - Jan Van Emelen, Director
 12 Day 1 New Business Models Presentations and Panel
 13 Think outside the usual 'health box' - Professor Nigel Shadbolt
 14 Legal Framework for eHealth - Petra Wilson, Secretary General (Europe), Continua Health Alliance
 15 The Citizen's Perspective Presentation - Jaqueline Bowman-Busato, Executive Director, EPPOSI
 16 The Citizen's Perspective - Joan Guanyabens,CEO of CAHTA;
 17 The Citizen's Perspective - Peter Knight, Deputy Director, ?NHS Department of Health
 18 The Citizen's Perspective - Michelle Thonnet, Ministry of Labour, Employment & Health
 19 The Citizen's Perspective Pannel Discussion
 20 Robert Madelin, Director General for Information Society and Media, European Commission
 21 Question and Answer session with Robert Madelin
 22 Lene Vistisen, Head of Department at National Institute for Health Data and Disease Control