First impressions of the i~HD Inaugural Conference


i~HD was delighted to welcome 210 participants at the Inaugural Conference on March 10, 2016 in Paris. Among the 210 participants were healthcare providers from across Europe, representatives of the pharma industry, patient associations, health professional associations, the health ICT industry and standards bodies.

The presentations slides, videos of many of the talks, and interviews taken during the conference, will be published on this web site at the beginning of April.

The Inaugural Conference marked the parallel launch of a novel European platform to support multi-centre clinical research. This operational platform, the result of the European project EHR4CR (Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research), connects securely to the data within multiple hospital EHR systems and clinical data warehouses across Europe, to enable a trial sponsor to predict the number of eligible patients for a candidate clinical trial protocol, to assess its feasibility and to locate the most relevant hospital sites.

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