EHR4CR project to be presented at FDA on October 5th, 2011


EFPIA are running a workshop in Washington DC on the 5th October 2011 that will present selected IMI projects that have particular regulatory significance to both the FDA and EMA. The EHR4CR project has been selected together with three to be presented at the workshop and Mats Sundgren as the project coordinator will present at the meeting.

This EFPIA initiative represents a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with key Regulatory Authorities about both the value of current IMI projects and the potential for new ones. With representatives from the EMA, FDA, European Commission and the IMI Board of Directors (IMI JU) in attendance, the meeting aims to cover the following:- For on-going IMI projects.

  • Discuss the interaction with the Regulators, where relevant
  • To exchange experiences and to agree how to achieve sustainable results
  • Discuss projects that have no direct Regulator input
  • Discuss scope and objectives of new/potential IMI projects.