The second WPG2-hackathon took place in M�nster, Germany


On September 10th and 11th, the second WPG2 hackathon took place in M�nster, Germany preceding the WP7 face-to-face meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to close the remaining functional gaps and to interchange knowledge and experience amongst developers . The WPG2 hackathonians team succeeded in producing a functional end-to-end demonstration involving query workbench, orchestrator and endpoint. The demonstration features eligibility criteria editing and launching of newly defined queries as well as displaying the query results (patient counts for each endpoint answering the query). The demonstrator is based on a real-life anonymised patient data set related to type II diabetes which has been enriched and extended since the previous hackathon meeting.

This demonstration was shown on September 12th during the WPG2 session of the WP7 face-to-face meeting and has been well received.

After this second hackathon, the hackathonians team still needs to tackle a number of mainly non-functional aspects in order to prepare for the Protocol Feasibility Scenario demonstrator review that will take place on November 6th at the EHR4CR annual conference in Basel.