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The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data
Pascal Coorevits (03.09.2015)

Webinar “sustainability of IMI results”

EHR4CR - Nothing about me without we
Petra Wilson CEO International Diabetes Federation (9 April 2014)

Webinar “The EHR4CR Network: Role of the Governing Institute”

EHR4CR - Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (animation)

Webinar “Protocol Feasibility Pilots”

EHR4CR - Interviews

Webinar “Overview of EHR4CR” September 2014

EHR4CR's First European Hospital Conference
(Brussels, 9 April 2014)

EHR4CR - Demonstration of the Protocol Feasibility Platform

EHR4CR - Demonstration of the Patient
Identification and Recruitment platform

EHR4CR's YouTube channel